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This novel illustrates how hard it is for young women to navigate
the early years of adolescence and how loving


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About the Book

This novel illustrates how hard it is for young women to navigate the early years of adolescence and how loving the Lord makes it a bit easier for them to know what they’re truly meant for.

The author hopes that, through this novel, people will understand that children are all valuable and precious in the sight of the Lord.

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“My love of children’s books grew from reading to my own children and teaching middle school English.  I was especially inspired to value all children after volunteering to work with child survivors of domestic abuse. These fragile children often lacked a sense of self worth. They were like flowers that were wilting from abuse and family trauma.

However, with love and care, most of them bloomed and blossomed into the children they were meant to be. “  ─ Diana Lynn Klueh

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  • “I read this book together with my nine year old daughter and I didn’t realize she was having the same questions with Jodie. The book helped her so much in understanding more how much the Lord loves each one of us. This also gave her a new light on how to be a good Christian.”

    Merideth Smith

    Amazon customer
  • “Klueh has an adorable depiction of a child’s innocent desire to serve God in this book. I would be giving this to my grandchild, Anne.”

    Sophia L.

    Amazon customer
  • “What a beautiful read for young girls most especially.”

    Jennifer Johnson

    Amazon customer

About the Author

Diana Lynn Klueh enjoys her blessed life with her husband, two grown children and three lively grandsons. She has always wanted to be an author as she has expressed this strong desire in her personal diary. One morning, she woke up to a strong calling in her head: “Weeds in the Garden.”

 She was mystified, as she did not see how she could relate weeds in the garden to her passion to write books for young adults. It wasn’t until, after years of volunteering with child survivors of domestic abuse that she understood how most people might see these broken kids as “weeds,” but she knew in her heart that they are actually precious flowers that belong in the garden.


“Yes ma’am, I’ve made up my mind. I know I’ll be a real good nun.”

Momma snickered a little. “What’s got into you, baby girl? You must be admiring one of your nuns. I admired some of my nuns, but I never wanted to be one.”

“That’s because nobody could tame you, Patricia girl,” Grandmomma said. Then she talked over my head as if I weren’t there. “She’ll grow out of this. Most of them do once they get a little older and start lookin’ at the boys.”

I jumped up and threw my fork down so it jangled on my plate and bounced off on the floor. “I will not start lookin’ at boys,” I yelled. “Look where that got Momma. I don’t have a daddy. And I don’t want one.”

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